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Ahead Air drones provide actionable aerial data at every stage of construction

Ahead Air provides construction companies with the data they need to win contracts, and keep projects on time and on budget.

Ways we help:

  • Client communication. Drone photography helps clients see how the project is progressing while under construction.
  • Asset and material management. Drones can help you monitor locations and quantities of assets and materials at a glance, to ensure it will be there when you need it.
  • Invoicing accuracy. Drone photography enables you to monitor work completion more effectively, and bill accordingly.
  • Improve quality. Drone photography vastly increases your ability to complete quality inspections in hard to reach and/or hazardous areas in safe and efficient manner.
  • Minimize rework. Regular inspections enable you to catch more mistakes before they become a bigger problem, thus reducing the amount of rework needed.
  • Improve safety. We can provide inspections in dangerous areas without putting anyone at risk. Drone photos also allow you to identify and mitigate potential hazards before they cause harm.
  • Reduce legal exposure. Regular drone inspections increase site documentation, helping to reduce the likelihood of litigation, and strengthening your defense.


Orthomosaics are large photographs that are created by combining dozens or even hundreds of smaller photographs, called orthophotos. Each orthophoto is corrected for perspective, lens distortion, and orientation. The result is a highly detailed image. Think of a Google Map, but at a much higher resolution.

Ahead Air can produce an orthomap of your project at specific time intervals, usually weekly or monthly. Each aerial photographic mission is computer controlled, so the exact same area is mapped on each successive flight. This allows you to document changes to your construction site over time with high precision. The high resolution allows you to zoom in to specific areas to get a detailed view over time.

In addition to documenting construction progress, orthomosaics are useful for tracking materials and equipment on site.

Move your mouse over the image to the right to see details.


Aerial Panoramas

Aerial panoramas are interactive pictures comprised of several specialized photo stitched together using sophisticated software. Panoramas immerse a viewer in a perspective that feels like it is actually onsite. The viewer can scroll around to get different views, zoom in to see details of a particular area, and zoom out to get the big picture. Panoramas can be recreated with precision at time intervals throughout the life of your project, showing progress over time.

To the right and below are identical panoramas take at different times on the same project. Use your mouse (or a finger on a tablet or mobile device) to move around in the panorama. Use the scroll wheel (or two fingers) to zoom in and out. Click the icon to a panorama view full screen.

Aerial panoramas are also useful in real estate for interactive views of large areas such as shopping malls, office complexes, and housing developments. They can provide a birds eye view of a subject that no other type of photography can match.


Video has many uses in documenting construction. Time lapse videos show continuous progress over a period of time. Videos can be duplicated at time intervals and combined to show side by side progress. Videos are also great for documenting milestones like pouring a foundation or erecting a precast wall.

Ahead Air provides high quality 4K video and state of the art editing a post-production.

Documenting site prep

Large concrete pour

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