Use drone technology for proactive infrastructure management and construction monitoring

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Structure inspection

Any structure exposed to the environment requires regular inspection. Buildings, powerlines, cell towers, windmills, railroads, smokestacks, and bridges all require inspection for water infiltration and deterioration, to detect and correct problems before they become dangerous and costly.

Until now, structural inspection often involved climbing structures or erecting scaffolding. Inspections were time-consuming, costly, and dangerous.

Drones make structural inspection safe and cost effective. Our pilots deliver views of elevated structural components to your engineers, while everyone remains safely on terra firma. Often, we can use drones to access views that were completely inaccessible by conventional means.

We can deploy to your site quickly, and often deliver results in real-time. The dramatic cost savings and improved safety mean that you can do drone inspections on a more frequent basis, which results in long-term net savings in maintenance.

Ahead Air uses drones that have been modified to allow stable flight close to structures, which can be problematic with some UAVs. We can capture FLIR and infrared imagery, in addition to visible light images, to detect and pinpoint problems that are invisible to the naked eye.

Construction site monitoring

Let Ahead Air provide you with regular surveys of your job site. Track progress, safety conditions, plan adherence and more. Keep clients apprised of progress, without the hassle and risk of site visits. We can help you keep your project on track and on budget!

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