Drones have changed how business operates

Drones were once confined to the realm of science fiction. Now small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) are being used in an ever growing array of real world business applications.

Ahead Air Drone Construction Services

  • Construction companies and general contractors are making measurements and monitoring progress.
  • Roof, bridge, tower, pipeline and utility line inspections are now safer and more efficient.
  • Precision agriculture is increasing crop yields, reducing costs, and making farming more environmentally sustainable.
  • Real estate brokers are providing customers with new perspectives on their offerings.

Putting a camera in the air gives new perspectives and provides a whole new world of possibilities. Ahead Air is at the forefront of this exciting new industry. We deliver stunning aerial images and actionable data to increase production, reduce cost, and reveal new opportunities for a wide range of enterprise customers.

Ahead Air adds a new tool for many businesses. Aerial images are proving incredibly useful for more and more applications everyday.

Drone pilot

Ahead Air was founded in 2016 by Mike Anglin. After a successful career as a technology executive, Mike saw the evolving technical and legal landscape around UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) as an exciting new frontier. He was one of the first people in the country to earn a Part 107 Remote Pilot rating from the FAA. Now he works with a top notch team of videographers, photographers, and a select group of carefully vetted drone pilots to deliver high quality results for a wide range of clientele. Ahead Air serves construction companies, real estate brokers, utility providers, and more.


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